Cardinal Pools

The Cardinal Pools are available for Cardinal clients wishing to invest accounts that are below the minimum portfolio size for our separately managed accounts. The fundamental investment objective of the Pools is to generate long term growth through the increase in the value of its holdings, and through the receipt and reinvestment of dividend income from its holdings. The Canadian Equity Pool is invested primarily in common shares of Canadian companies and is managed in the same style as accounts within our Canadian Equity Composite.  The Foreign Equity Pool is invested in common shares of U.S. and international companies, opening clients up to diversification available outside of Canada.   

The concept behind launching our Pools was to provide a vehicle for clients to invest their smaller accounts at a low cost, and still receive the same excellent diversification that can be built in a larger, separately managed account. It also provides greater flexibility tor clients that draw income from their accounts as trading costs can be minimized through the use of a pool. Please contact us if you would like more information about the Cardinal Pools.

Canadian Equity Pool Fund Declaration
Canadian Equity Pool Term Sheet

Foreign Equity Pool Fund Declaration
Foreign Equity Pool Term Sheet

Cardinal Income Pool Fund Declaration
Cardinal Income Pool Term Sheet and Schedule A

Trust Agreement

U.S. Tax Notice

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