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We are eager to work in partnership with financial advisors who are committed to doing what's best for clients. Like independent advisors and planners, we care deeply about achieving success for our clients. We were one of the first Portfolio Management firms in Canada to work directly with independent financial advisors on a referral basis. When you bring your clients to Cardinal, you don't lose a client; you gain a trusted, skilled partner.

Why Advisors Partner with Us.

We see independent advisors as our partners on this journey; as an extension of our team. We invite advisors to bring clients to Cardinal as their needs change and evolve. You know them; you’ve grown the relationships; you will continue to play a role in your clients’ well-being. By bringing Cardinal to the table, you are expanding your clients’ investment horizons and playing a key role in their ongoing success.

Advisors are welcome.

Although we foster direct relationships with our clients, we also encourage financial advisors to work in partnership with us. We recognize that advisors and their clients have often spent years learning about each other and building effective relationships.

We don’t want to end those relationships; we want to leverage them as clients move into high net worth categories and their needs and interests change. You can receive the exact same information from Cardinal that your clients do, and you can continue to embrace, grow, and benefit from your longstanding client relationships.e making important investment decisions for you.

Client Reporting

Four times a year, our clients receive a comprehensive portfolio statement, along with our client newsletter, The Cardinal Quarterly. Statements may also be accessed from the Client Portal on our website. We are pleased to provide clients with the option of receiving all of their statements in hard copy, online, or both.

Because it works.

We have demonstrated a proven track record of our performance. One that is still going strong.

A consistent, disciplined and common sense approach to growth. Because it works.

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