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We provide conservative investment management services to a large variety of institutions across Canada. We provide professional portfolio management and investment counsel services for the following types of institutions:
  • Pension plans
  • Insurance companies
  • Foundations and endowments
  • Corporate resources

Why Institutions Invest With Us.

We are proud to be an emerging presence in institutional investing in Canada. Our institutional assets under management have tripled since 2005*. As your investment manager, we will consistently apply sound, conservative management and investing principles, and work with you toward achieving long-term success.
*As a result of an increased number of institutional clients, contributions and market growth of assets.

Our institutional investment strategy is conservative, simple, and it works.

For Equity Investment:

Bottom-up stock picking

We look for good companies with strong financials, attractive financial metrics and a level of growth that meets the needs of our investors.

Dividend-paying stocks

The companies and stocks we select must pay a dividend with an expectation that the dividend will increase.

Large cap value

We aim for long-term capital appreciation and we focus on companies with greater than $2 billion market caps and P/Es less than the benchmark.

A focused portfolio

With 20 to 25 stocks in an equity class, we maintain a comprehensive understanding of changes and activity occurring at companies and within industries.

Direct ownership

You get direct ownership of all your holdings, and a direct relationship with the person managing your assets.

Low-turnover portfolio

We have a disciplined strategy and that results in a low turnover. We generally see a 10 to 15% turnover per annum.

For Fixed Income:

High-quality investments

When buying bonds, we focus on quality and preservation of capital. We buy investment-grade securities only.

We manage risk

Our approach is conservative and consistently risk-conscious. It has been designed to minimize risk and grow your assets.

Direct ownership

You get direct ownership of all your holdings, and a direct relationship with the person managing your assets.

Because it works.

We have demonstrated a proven track record of outperformance. One that is still going strong.

11.45%Cardinal Canadian Equity


S&P/TSX Total Return
Average Canadian Equity Fund
6.49%Cardinal Canadian Equity
S&P/TSX Total Return
Average Canadian Equity Fund
9.66%Cardinal Canadian Equity
S&P/TSX Total Return
Average Canadian Equity Fund
13.17%Cardinal Canadian Equity
S&P/TSX Total Return
Average Canadian Equity Fund

A consistent, disciplined and common sense approach to growth. Because it works.

Let us show you how.